Martin-Jean designs his jewelry in his studio in Amersfoort.

As jewelry designer, he followed a study at the Academie voor Edelsmeden Ben van Helden in Zeist (the Netherlands), the Europäische Akademie der Gold- und Silberschmiede in Ahlen (Germany) and the Design Werkstatt in Braunwald (Switzerland).

He further enriched his experience by working with masters such as the respected goldsmiths Georg Schulte (Münster, Germany) and Ronda Coryell (USA), the master gem-setter Ruhi Okyay (Pforzheim, Germany) and the connoisseur of the classic Japanese alloy techniques, master Kimiaki Kageyama (Tokyo, Japan).



The Martin-Jean Collection represents striking jewelry for special occasions. Every piece has been created with great care in the studio, making it unique. Graceful craft. Beauty, produced with pleasure and craftsmanship.